G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon Reportedly Dating After Being Caught on Jeju Date Over Holidays

Well, there’s a second K-ent couple to start off the new year in 2018, or first if based on the timing of when this news hit vis-a-vis the other one. The news of Lee Joon and Jung So Min‘s dating captured my attention and I glanced over the other news of Big Bang‘s G-Dragon seen on a Jeju Island holiday vacation with Lee Joo Yeon. Apparently there has been rumors for months now of this pair being a couple due to similar Instagram posts so this dating news is very likely true with the added photos from their Jeju trip. G-Dragon was formerly dating Japanese actress Mizuhara Kiko while Lee Joo Yeon dated actor and sometimes rapper So Ji Sub for a few years. I hope they get to date in peace and whatever will be let them have a happy and healthy personal social life together with little to no K-ent criticism. Congrats also to this pair! Continue reading