First Impressions: MBC’s Warm Post Heart Transplant Drama My Spring Days

[Yeorobum, I’m thrilled to welcome back summer hibernating Jomo to the world of drama writing! I’m even happier that she loves MBC‘s currently airing Wed-Thurs drama My Spring Days to the extent that she wants to write about it. I love reading Jomo’s take on dramas whether I am on the same rabid love of said drama or not. Folks have asked me to write about MSD but I really have nothing particular to say. I watched an episode and was rather nonplussed, neither enjoying it enough to keep going but found nothing wrong or off-putting about it. I’ll probably pick it up again when I have more time to marathon it.

Sooyoung continues to improve as an actress from the last time I saw her in Dating Agency Cyrano, and frankly I find her gorgeous in an earthy way and can’t for the life of me understand why she gets flack for not being pretty enough. Kam Woo Sung is totally channeling my I Lub You Jung Woo Sung in A Moment to Remember and that is one mighty fine male character specimen to bring to the screen. I’m sure this drama is good and has the potential to stay good so it’s great that Jomo can share her thoughts on it with y’all. As for me, whether it’s due to Rain or zee cancer-stricken furry doge in My Lovely Girl, that’s the Wed-Thurs drama that currently has me hankering for more. xoxoxo Koala]

Everyone should watch My Spring Days. A groundbreaking story this is absolutely not. At all. Not only is the set-up tired, it is also being used for the two competing Wed/Thurs shows, Blademan and My Lovely Girl. As different as they are from each other, and as varied the motives and goals of the production team, all three have a similar premise at the core. A man meets a new woman who makes him think of his former (dead) love. The woman resists and fights with the man, later… yawn…zzzzzzzzz…snork…whu? Sorry fell asleep writing that. Where was I? Continue reading

C-drama Fairytale with Janine Chang and Lee Joon Hyuk Holds Mid-Production Press Conference

The cast and crew for the upcoming C-drama Fairytale (童话二分之一 which literally translates as 50% of a Fairytale) quietly started shooting the drama in early October without much fanfare despite it’s cross-border cast. Looks like the production company wanted to … Continue reading