Lee Joon Hyuk and Lee Kyu Hyung to Cameo in Inspector Joy and Happiness, Respectively, Adding More Mature Sexy to the Upcoming Dramas

I was already planning to watch these two upcoming dramas but this just raises the interest level like exponentially. I love me some super underrated gems in K-ent and these two dudes fit the bill exactly. Lee Joon Hyuk will be doing a guest starring turn in upcoming comedic sageuk Inspector Joy with Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon, while over on the zombie infectious disease side Lee Kyu Hyung swill show up for a cameo opposite Han Hyo Joo as her fellow police officer in Happiness. Both guys are stuck in the spot Namgoong Min was in for many years, from supporting actor to lead but never getting the big projects or critical recognition merited. So it’s nice when I see them doing a cameo in a higher profile project, to swan in and maybe/probably steal the episode a bit before swanning off.

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