Latest Stills and Previews for tvN Drama The Liar and His Lover

This drama continues to look more and more promising, and makes me remember that I enjoyed the source manga when I read it years ago. tvN‘s youth music drama The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lies) released another batch of drama stills along with a longer preview for episode 1 which arrives on March 20th. In the drama, Joy is the bright and beaming high school aspiring singer while Lee Hyun Woo is the gifted music producer who doesn’t look a day older than her but is already jaded and disappointed with the music industry. Cue muse inspiring and falling in love goodness. There’s also new stills of supporting male leads Lee Jung Jin and Lee Seo Won, the latter going from little brother in Uncontrollably Fond to pop star. Continue reading

Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, and Lee Jung Jin Cast in K-drama Adaptation of Manga She Loves Lies

Casting proceeded rather quickly from when tvN announced that it was adapting music themed manga She Fell in Love with My Lie into a K-drama She Loves Lies. The manga had a successful J-movie adaptation The Liar and His Lover … Continue reading

Temptation with Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo Entices with Dramatic Posters, Stills, and Teasers

There is nothing wrong with the upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Temptation, other than it’s dull as beans title as the fact that it looks dark and therefore guaranteed depressing. There might be nuggets of human nature wisdom to glean from … Continue reading

Yoon Eun Hye Passes, Lee Jung Jin Considering, and CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Joins Temptation

Looks like Temptation isn’t tempting enough for the lovely Yoon Eun Hye and ultimately she’s passed on the upcoming SBS drama. I keep wanting to call it a melodrama but the production hasn’t officially called it such. It’s the story … Continue reading

Stars Light Up the VIP Premiere of Song Seung Heon’s Explicit New Movie Obsessed

It’s past mid-May which means the full blown Summer movie season is just ramping up in a low key way. Kicking things off a bit early for the K-box office is the Song Seung Heon explicitly-rated affair movie Obsessed. I’ve posted … Continue reading

K-stars Descend on a Summer Night for the Cold Eyes Movie Premiere

Nothing screams dead heat of Summer than a nighttime VIP movie premiere in Seoul where all the stars attending were glistening with the combination of BB cream and sweat. Blotting paper for all! It was a parade of actors and … Continue reading