Seo Hyun Jin Turns into Kim Sung Ryung in Preview for jTBC Drama The Beauty Inside

We’re one week away from the premiere of the K-drama adaptation of The Beauty Inside and the production really looks fast and fun. Seo Hyun Jin plays the form-changer in this version, a top star by day and once a week out of the month turns into a different person in age and/or gender. The first change shown in the just released new preview is a top actress herself albeit past her prime but still incredibly beautiful. Kim Sung Ryung cameos as one changed form and we see male lead Lee Min Ki encounter her and connect the dots once she changes back into Seo Hyun Jin. It’s not just that he sees her inside beauty, his face-blindness condition gives him observational insights into body language to the point that whatever Seo Hyun Jin changes into her can recognize her. Talk about a match made in drama heaven. Continue reading

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min Make Cameo Appearance in Why Secretary Kim Directed by PD of This Life is Our First

This is a very timely and nice cameo appearance with lots of synergy to spare. Former drama costars Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min will be making a guest starring appearance in hit tvN rom-com Why Secretary Kim, with … Continue reading

The Cast of tvN Drama This Life is Our First Attends Drama Wrap Party

A successful drama run these days is rarer than ever especially in the romantic comedy genre where it’s basically a unicorn. Just wrapped tvN Mon-Tues romance drama This Life is Our First (Because This is Our First Life), with less … Continue reading