MBC Wed-Thurs New Drama Oh My Ladylord Trends Downward into 1% Ratings as K-critics Pin the Blame on Lee Min Ki Losing his Mojos

Prime time dramas for the big three networks have been on the low side for years, but being in the 4-6% range is still a big difference then the 1-2% range. MBC‘s new drama Oh My Ladylord (Oh! Master) has the worst drama title in recent memory and even fresh out of the gate it’s started low only to go even lower. The first episode was 2.1%, 2.6% and the most recent low was with episode 5 at 1.3%, 1.6%. Critics and the public doesn’t expect singer turned actress Nana to carry the drama which rested with male lead Lee Min Ki, the veteran and the bigger name power. His last two dramas were well received, Because This is Our First Life with Jung So Min and the drama remake of The Beauty Inside with Seo Hyun Jin. He had great chemistry with both leads but from all accounts (critics and viewers) there is zero OTP chemistry in this drama. Critics says he used to be called “Mr. Chemistry” but wonder if his mojos are gone. He can’t get the ratings or give audiences that dugu dugu heart beat reaction. Critics do agree that the plot for this drama is old school with nothing fresh so the only way it would work is for the two leads to generate amazing chemistry and visuals to keep viewer interest. Lee Min Ki and Nana look great onscreen no doubt but they “their chemical reaction is zero”. Also his character here is quite similar to his First Life character so to watch him play basically the same type of roll feels redundant and boring. MBC is quite disappointed as this was their first drama in that time slot in three months after working hard to bring something that would return viewers to the channel but alas it didn’t happen.

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jTBC Drama The Beauty Inside Wraps with Decent Acting and Disengaged Narrative

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Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min Make Cameo Appearance in Why Secretary Kim Directed by PD of This Life is Our First

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