Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young in Talks for Early 2019 K-drama Romance Supplement

Just as I wrote about Lee Jong Seok likely to enlist in 2019 and may be going on military break with While You Were Sleeping as his last major K-drama (he has a short drama coming with Shin Hye Sun), he goes and gets himself positioned for another drama to come. This may be cutting it close considering that recently Yoo Doo Joon had to leave drama filming for Let’s Eat 3 before it was done but hopefully Lee Jong Seok’s side can do match and figure they can squeeze one more in.

And clearly he’s going to do this drama tentatively titled Romance Supplement because the leading lady in talks is none other than his stated actress ideal Lee Na Young. I’m sure men find her beautiful and her acting has received compliments in the past but goodness Lee Na Young has been so underwhelming in every drama I’ve watched with her from Ruler of Your Own World to Ireland to Fugitive: Plan B, she’s like a limp noodle with limited to no charisma whatsoever onscreen to keep my interest. The drama is from the PD of Life on Mars with the screenwriter of I Need Romance and will air on tvN in early 2019. Continue reading

K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie

It’s so cute when celebrities recognize their own lookalikes, it saves fans the trouble of doing double takes. Last week Sistar‘s Bora ran into K-actress Han Chae Young at an event and the two took a selfie asking their fans … Continue reading