Second Time Twenty Years Old Continues Delivering the Cheer in Adorable Teasers

The successful run of tvN drama Oh My Ghost wrapped up this past weekend and paves the way for upcoming Choi Ji Woo drama Second Time Twenty Years Old. I quite liked OMG a lot and hope for the same quality with this new drama. My big worry remains how the drama wants to tackle the romantic entanglements, to go the way of Angry Mom where it was an aside or played for laughs with the high school kid’s crush on the ahjumma, or will this drama give Choi Ji Woo a new romance along with a college student identity? Lee Sang Yoon continues to improve with all his projects and this pairing with Choi Ji Woo might be unexpectedly sparkling, with him being annoyed and excited to see his first love reappear in his life but this time as his student. I’m optimistic this drama will toggle all the sticky elements deftly since the screenwriter is So Hyun Kyung who always delivers for me. Continue reading

Choi Ji Woo is a Cute Co-ed in Drama Posters and Filming BTS for Second Time Twenty Years Old


Green is a color best associated with concepts of life, renewal, and positive energy, so what better way to promote upcoming ahjumma returning to college drama Second Time Twenty Years Old than with a background of a rich green lawn. … Continue reading

Angel Eyes Starts Filming Childhood Portion and Confirms Cast of Lee Sang Yoon, Gu Hye Sun, and Kim Ji Suk

SBS weekends have been pretty lackluster for me for a long time. The last weekend drama I enjoyed (somewhat) was Cheongdamdong Alice. The ones after that like Birth Secret, Goddess of Marriage, and Thrice Married Woman have all been singularly … Continue reading

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae for Hotel King Up Against Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun for Angel Eyes

With the weekend dramas Golden Rainbow and Thrice Married Woman well into its airings, the networks are finally getting down to business of locking down the main leads for the follow up dramas. Today both MBC and SBS dropped casting … Continue reading