K-ent Hit with Three Star Couple Breakups in One Week

It can’t always be only good news so it’s with a saddened heart that I share the update that news of three K-ent couples having broken up came out all within the week. First came the drama couple On Joo Wan and Jo Bao, who met on the set of Surplus Princess and dated for almost three years. They were a low key couple and the breakup seems like a nonevent as well. The big news is the breakup of singer-actress IU with singer Jang Ki Ha after three years of dating, this spawned crazed drama fans of Moon Lover to spam Lee Jun Ki‘s SNS asking or pleading with him to date IU. Beyond bizarre. And last but not least is the latest news that acting couple Lee Sang Yoon and UEE have also broken up after less than a year. Bummer that so many couples called it quits but I’ve heard the start of the new year spikes in breakups or marriages because couples realize during the holidays whether it’s meant to be or not worth the continued effort. Continue reading

Lee Sang Yoon May Reunite with Lee Bo Young for Punch Writer’s New Drama Whisper

There’s finally some solid drama casting news to savor rather than yet another slew of idols dipping their toes into acting. Upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Whisper, to come after Defendant with Ji Sung, is finding solid actors and actresses to make the … Continue reading

Poster and Teasers for Melancholy Mature KBS Drama On the Way to the Airport with Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon

All signs point to upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama On the Way to the Airport as residing squarely in the gimmick free adult life issues category of dramas. Starring Kim Ha Neul, Lee Sang Yoon, Shin Sung Rok, Jang Hee Jin, … Continue reading

Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul Start Filming KBS Wed-Thurs Drama On the Way to the Airport

This is one drama that fell down on my interest radar after casting panned out, and has now started filming quite under the radar. Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama On the Way to the Airport released script reading stills featuring leads … Continue reading

A-list Actresses Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Ha Neul in Direct Competition in Late Summer 2016 K-dramas

It’s A-list actress versus A-list actress in a direct match up now confirmed for late summer 2016. KBS has signed on Kim Ha Neul to headline On the Way to the Airport in its Wed-Thurs time slot, pairing her up … Continue reading

Choi Ji Woo is a Cute Co-ed in Drama Posters and Filming BTS for Second Time Twenty Years Old

Green is a color best associated with concepts of life, renewal, and positive energy, so what better way to promote upcoming ahjumma returning to college drama Second Time Twenty Years Old than with a background of a rich green lawn. … Continue reading