Koala and a Bevy of K-stars Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas 2020

The year isn’t over just yet, but it’s certainly countdown time as Christmas is both that magical holiday and the one that starts the single digit trek towards new year’s day. Christmas 2020 will either be business as usual for you or totally different, either way may it be merry and safe and filled with comfort to all. Lots of K-stars have posted updates to their SNS to share a snap with a Christmas theme, posing in front of a tree or sharing something joyful with fans. Using that inspiration, I’m using this post also to send everyone merry tidings from Koala and the Koala gang! It’s a dreary Christmas eve for us, dark and rainy which is unusual in our neck of the woods where most years it’s sunny and can even get quite warm. This makes hunkering down that much snugglier, and I hope all readers anywhere and everywhere are someplace safe and restful to countdown the year.

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MBC Drama Kairos Ends as a Perfect Puzzle, Leaving the Marvelously Constructed Story and Execution for Future Drama Fans to Discover

My Mon-Tues found an unassuming gem that is MBC drama Kairos and my appreciation for its magnificence really hits home today knowing that it’s over. This is less missing a drama I loved for more emotional reasons and more missing … Continue reading

Kairos Heads into Final Episode 16 Still as Tightly Written and Tautly Executed in Near Perfect Dramatic Form

I have recommended plenty of K-dramas that started off well and fell apart, and sometimes so horribly it’s like falling off a cliff, getting revived only to be smashed to pieces again. It’s just the worst because you invest so … Continue reading

Excellent MBC Mon-Tues Drama Kairos is the Dark Horse Tightly Plotted Thriller Sliding Under the Radar

MBC has been bottom of the ratings barrel for so long that I’ve really stopped paying much attention to its ability to deliver dramas worth watching. Consider me even more impressed with recently premiered Mon-Tues drama Kairos, currently with 5-episodes … Continue reading