MBC Releases New Drama and BTS Stills for the Lovely Miss Korea

I’m hoping both that Miss Korea continues the fantastic momentum its built up from last week’s stellar two episodes and that more people dive in now when the timing is perfect. Episode 8 was a great pause moment for the story and serves as a great dress rehearsal if you will of what’s to come. Lee Yeon Hee‘s leading lady Ji Young enters the Miss Seoul pageant needing to place in the top-3 to advance to the Miss Korea pageant and she fails to reach her goal. It was heartbreaking to see how far she’s come, and how sincerely her stalwart team at Vivi and her protective family have been cheering her on. When everyone cried because she lost, the sadness was palpable leaping right off the screen. Since this isn’t one of MBC’s highly rated dramas (that would be Empress Ki owning the Mon-Tues slot) there isn’t as much goodies around so it’s a treat to see new stills for the upcoming episode 9 as well as wonderfully cute BTS pictures of the cast having fun while filming. The spoiler stills show Ji Young and Hyung Joon listening to a phone call that appears to bring good news, which is likely word that Ji Young will get another chance after another contestant is disqualified for concealing her eligibility status. I love how Hyung Joon’s hand is just so naturally grazing Ji Young’s hand. They have such unique and indescribable chemistry together and the romance is also developing in this drama at the right pace without overwhelming the joint goal of the two leads. Watching MK brings to mind those great sports movies while the protagonist trains and overcomes all the odds to win a big match or tournament. I love sports movies and it’s a testament to how well-written MK is that it manages to make something that is perceived as shallow such as winning a beauty pageant and infuses it with warmth and grit and purpose. Continue reading