First Teaser for My Ahjusshi with Lee Seon Kyun and IU Reveal Unexpected Comedic Undertones

A drama teaser is supposed to set a tone and whet the appetite, and I’m certainly intrigued but mostly in a confused way for upcoming tvN drama My Ahjusshi. It’s the drama that’s gotten tons of commentary for casting Lee Seon Kyun in the age appropriate role of a man in his forties, and similarly casting IU as the female lead in her twenties, with the age differential between the two built into the central narrative. I’m also pleased with Lee Ji Ah coming back to dramas since 2013 with The Woman Who Married Three Times, here as the second female lead . Another plus I was surprised to see are the awesome ahjusshi character actors Oh Dae Soo and Song Sae Byuk who are playing the older and younger brothers to Lee Seon Kyun’s characters. That’s a whole lotta ahjusshis in this drama and whatever the screenwriter and PD of Another Oh Hae Young have in store I’ll give it a chance. Continue reading

2017 Blue Dragon Awards Rewards Hit Movie A Taxi Driver and Shares Tearful Remembrance of Actor Kim Joo Hyuk

The just held more elite Blue Dragon Awards this weekend in Seoul celebrated the cinematic achievements of South Korean cinema in 2017 and also memorialized the life and acting works of deceased actor Kim Joo Hyuk. There were basically three … Continue reading

Three Huge Age Gap Korean Projects Coming in 2018 with Mr. Sunshine, My Ahjusshi, and Love Sling

I’m amused by the hand wringing by K-netizens on the coming 2018 romance (or romance-adjacent) K-dramas with huge age gaps. Like this hasn’t happened before, and enough times to make it just a meh reaction from me. I even loved … Continue reading

Elle Korea Highlights Four Sets of jTBC Upcoming Drama Leads in November Issue

Which of these four upcoming jTBC onscreen couplings are you looking forward to this most? For me it’s the Park-Park couple, as in Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon airing in January 2017. Elle … Continue reading

Miss Korea Looks Amazing with Release of Full Drama Posters and Second Teaser

Okay folks, Miss Korea continues to look fantastic. We might have another worthy contender on our hands. The full slate of drama posters have just dropped and its across-the-board gorgeous. I was already salivating over the first one featuring Miss Korea … Continue reading

Miss Korea with Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun Releases Gorgeous First Teaser Preview

As if making up for a lackluster Fall K-drama season, this week has been a veritable buffet of great upcoming drama promotional materials. Leading the pack is Prime Minister and I airing on Mon-Tues on KBS which released a long preview … Continue reading

K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu

If South Korea follows the Hollywood film release timeline, then Fall is the season when the darker fare comes out. Stuff that screams “awards consideration” over “box office candy”. After the early onslaught of Summer releases with corresponding big VIP … Continue reading