Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Shi Young Beautiful in Promos for Netflix K-drama Sweet Home Where They Turn into Gritty Monster Hunters

The Netflix original series Sweet Home premiered this weekend, adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name and packed full of big names and IT rising faces. Song Kang plays depressed and suicidal high school student Hyun who moves into grungy apartment complex Green Home and and soon after the world turns apocalyptic as some people start to turn into actual monsters. I ended up marathoning the entire webtoon in one night, my brain was so tired but I couldn’t stop reading. It’s not amazingly well written but it’s interesting gripping in the psychological development and analysis of all the characters, and scary as heck with genuine and large body counts. It’s like a zombie movie where survivors try to stay alive while hiding out but start to run out of food. There are tons of memorable characters into Lee Do Hyun‘s young smart Hyuk, Lee Jin Wook who plays the gangster/cop, and Park Kyu Young‘s rock girl Ji Soo. Lee Shi Young plays a new character not in the webtoon which is fine but I’m one episode into the webtoon and find it solid but am concerned about the rumblings from readers who have finished the webtoon and don’t like all the wholesale changes made to characters personalities and things that happen. So far it’s good enough to keep watching especially with veterans including Kim Gap Soo as Gil Seop the old man and Kim Sang Ho as Mcgyver Dusik.

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Multitude of K-stars Attend Press Conference Promoting Sci-fi Drama Anthology SF8 Airing on MBC in August 2020

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Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Shi Young Generate Comedic Sparks in MBC Mon-Tues Drama Risky Romance

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