First Movie Teaser for Real Turns Kim Soo Hyun Into Noir Action Hero

This wasn’t what I expected but definitely looks cool and a nice new evolution in the Kim Soo Hyun acting repertoire. The first movie teaser is here for summer thriller movie Real, billed as a noir piece but now looks more like an action flick. I’m thinking Oldboy crossed with a gangster movie, with plenty of sleek and sultry scenes and a surfeit of night visuals. I would love if Kim Soo Hyun worked more as he’s really pacing out his acting projects after hitting super stardom, but a major movie success in every major outing so far is impressive enough. From Thieves to Secretly, Greatly and even a cameo in Miss Granny was in a hit film, I trust his project picking skills and the first 30 seconds sneak peek at Real really revs up the excitement. Continue reading

Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper

I’m starting to wonder if Suzy and Lee Min Ho went the candid route in admitting their relationship three months ago when outed by Dispatch because they basically couldn’t hide their rosy romance glow. The stars were out in full … Continue reading

Cha Seung Won is Intensely Riveting in First Teaser for Splendid Politics

I’ve totally got my serious hat on to prepare myself for the upcoming 50-episode MBC sageuk Splendid Politics (Hwajung). I’m glad MBC stuck with the original title of Splendid Politics rather than the alternate Princess Jungmyung, based on the storyboard … Continue reading

Drama Script Reading Double Dose: The Girl Who Sees Smells and Splendid Politics

With winter wrapping up, spring-like warm weather is a-coming and so are two new prime time K-dramas. To save me the hassle of doing separate posts on them, MBC‘s upcoming 50-episode long sageuk Splendid Politics (Hwajung) held its first cast … Continue reading

Miss Korea Looks Amazing with Release of Full Drama Posters and Second Teaser

Okay folks, Miss Korea continues to look fantastic. We might have another worthy contender on our hands. The full slate of drama posters have just dropped and its across-the-board gorgeous. I was already salivating over the first one featuring Miss Korea … Continue reading

Miss Korea with Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun Releases Gorgeous First Teaser Preview

As if making up for a lackluster Fall K-drama season, this week has been a veritable buffet of great upcoming drama promotional materials. Leading the pack is Prime Minister and I airing on Mon-Tues on KBS which released a long preview … Continue reading