Press Conference for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life Has Park Shi Hoo Apologizing for Scandal from 2013

Scandal is a loaded word, for some K-netizens it connotes something as inconsequential as a star dating news, yet in recent years there have been a series of male star scandals of the serious variety involving accusations, police investigations, and even lawsuits and trails. I feel like Park Shi Hoo‘s rape allegations in early 2013 really kicked off this prolonged period of continued bad behavior being revealed about stars, and it’s pretty telling that he’s going to be back on a main three network weekend drama with My Golden Life and it doesn’t even seem all that surprising because there have been worse behavior alleged since his situation.

I don’t believe in not giving people second chances but that typically is when someone pays the dues for the misconduct, and in his case there are folks who believe he got off light without any real punishment, unless you think being exiled from K-ent for 5 years at the height of his popularity isn’t punishment enough. If he’s going to be accepted back by the drama viewing audience this is as good a drama as any, with a total feel good vibe and the sprawling weekend cast where folks can watch his portion of the story alongside many others. The drama costars Shin Hye Sung, Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Soo, Lee Tae Sung, and veterans Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok for a family underdog success and maturation story. Continue reading