Choi Kang Hee and Kwon Sang Woo Partner Up to Solve Crime in Mystery Queen Premiering Wednesday

KBS had a hit in the last Wed-Thurs drama with Chief Kim which ended last week, but it’s less certain that this week’s new arrival Mystery Queen can replicate the success. I’m actually really interested in the offbeat Mystery Queen even with nary a main cast member that’s a fave of mine. I just like the dramatic throwback movie posters released last week, and this week came a modern buddy cop movie inspired one with tough guy Kwon Sang Woo¬†looking determined and exasperated followed by hippie housewife detective Choi Kang Hee pulling a cart of groceries. I don’t even need this drama to have any romance, it’ll be fun enough with character development and plenty of crossed wires hijinks. It helps that the two leads look so chipper and goofy cute at the press conference, there’s definite camaraderie there which bodes well for the onscreen chemistry. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun and Go Doo Shim Split the Daesang at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards

Just because KBS is the ratings pits all year doesn’t mean it can’t throw a fun awards party and reward the acting talent that has attempted to infuse some excitement and life into the network’s drama. Things were going swimmingly … Continue reading

Long Preview Shows Sassy Go Go is All Ready for Cheerleading Duking it Out with Academic Achievement

Even though I was already looking forward to upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go, I’m still surprised by how much I really really liked the long preview. The drama doesn’t just look promising, I’m already connected with the trials … Continue reading

Cheerleading and Friendships are the Basis of Sassy Go Go in Third Teaser and New Stills

I love it when high school dramas sweetly explores friendships in a sincere way, understanding that teens aren’t necessarily about love and angst as much as high school life is driven¬†primarily around interpersonal interactions. Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go … Continue reading