Fierce Ladies Turn the Tide in tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Avengers Social Club

I joked recently that Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won achieved freedom after they wrapped tvN Wed-Thurs drama Criminal Minds, because the K-version was so mediocre and a big disappointment vis-a-vis the talented cast and copious amounts of money and publicity tossed at it. The network gets to reset this week with the start of Avengers Social Club (Buamdong Revenge Social Club) starring Lee Yo Won, Ra Mi Ran, and Myung Se Bin. Throw in the sole male member of said club with idol-turned-actor Joon of U-Kiss, this odd assortment has been assembled to seek revenge on the powerful and mostly male gender oppressors who have wronged them. It’s like petty wifely payback on a grander scale, and likely will also increase the satisfaction on the part of the audience watching as characters we will likely root for suffer and then turn the tables to take control. Continue reading

Young K-stars Out in Force to Support Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul at VIP Premiere of Midnight Runners

The cool friends contingent was out in force to support the bromance cop antics movie Midnight Runners starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The former is coming off a well-received turn in K-drama Fight My Way while the … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Other Big Stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Asura Starring Jung Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min, and Joo Ji Hoon

The premiere of a male leads packed K-movie like Asura City of Madness is certainly going to bring out the bromance friends to support the cast. To even things out plenty of female stars also arrived for the red carpet … Continue reading

Late Fall Mon-Tues K-dramas The Man Living in Our House and Night Light Finalize Lead Casting

There will be a contrasting selection of Mon-Tues K-dramas coming in late fall, and which one piques your interest may depend on mood as the casting has been finalized and both are packed with plenty of talent. Arriving first at … Continue reading