2017 Brand Awards Selects Top CF Stars Including Gong Yoo, BTS, and PD Na Young Suk Among Others

The Korean Advertising Association has weighed in again for it’s annual awards for the entertainers that were the most popular, i.e. helped sell the most goodies to ravenous consumers. The 2017 Korean Brand Awards will be going to boy group BTS for the singer category, variety PD Na Young Suk of Three Meals a Day, 1 Day 2 Nights, and Journey to the West┬áin the director category, Gong Yoo in the male actor group, Lee Yu Ri in the female actress category, and screenwriter Kim Eun Hee of Signal for the screenwriters.

Gong Yoo and PD Na’s wins are to be expected and I don’t follow idols so I don’t know if BTS is the biggest group this year but I honestly get them all confused especially the B named ones including BtoB and Block B and B1A4. Lee Yu Ri was huge in 2014 after Come! Jang Bori but must be doing well this year with Father is Strange, and Kim Eun Hee’s win over Kim Eun Sook must make many dramas fans happy as Kim Eun Hee’s works are generally more critically acclaimed that Kim Eun Sook’s mass style. Continue reading