MBC Lines Up Forensic Medicine and Legal Themed Drama for Spring 2018 in the Wed-Thurs Slot

This sounds like a smart and totally obvious attempt to mash together two of the most popular prime time K-drama genres in recent years in the medical and legal crossover. MBC is scheduling Legal Investigation Man and Woman (literal title) for after Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset on Wed-Thurs. The drama is about a forensic pathologist (could be medical examiner or coroner) who takes pride in a thorough dissection to find out the root cause of death, pairing up with a dogged prosecutor seeking to investigate those who add to the crime. The drama deals with deaths which have no definitive answer and those who still seek to find the root cause. The drama will be from the PD of Ruler: Master of the Mask with a script from the screenwriter of Cinderella and Four Knights. For those who think this drama sounds interesting go check out the currently airing J-dorama Unnatural with Ishihara Satomi as a forensic pathologist, it’s really well done and I’m loving it. Continue reading