Legend of the Blue Sea Concludes Like a Fairy Tale and Notches 17.9% Ratings for Final Episode 20

It’s time to bid farewell to the other high profile winter K-drama, following the conclusion of Goblin over the weekend is today’s final episode 20 for Legend of the Blue Sea. The final episode clocked in at 17.9% ratings, in line what it was averaging during the majority of its run, but a drop from last episode’s series high of 21%. With that said, Legend maintained it’s ratings lead throughout the entire airing and got enough buzz to warrant being called a hit. It’s not a huge hit, and for me was a hit in a negative way on the screenwriting skills of Park Ji Eun. I found her You From Another Star flawed but refreshing and Producers was a step above in characterization improvement, but Legend felt like she was plagiarizing herself in the most awkward and hamfisted ways. I’m glad leads Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun acquitted themselves admirably without much to work with, now it’s off to bigger fish to fry. Continue reading

Legend of the Blue Sea Tops Chosun Daily Readers Poll of Favorite 2016 K-drama

Another poll result has hit the internet waves and this one feels like the readers had their hands on the pulse the entire time. Online newspaper Chosun Daily which despite it’s name is a Chinese publication covering all news in … Continue reading

Jeon Ji Hyun Waits for in the Department Store for Lee Min Ho in New Episode 11 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea

This week’s episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea will hopefully build on the fantastic last two episodes, heralding a connective thread and emotional sincerity breakthrough for Lee Min Ho‘s Joon Jae. It follows from the two episodes prior where … Continue reading