Another TW-ent Wedding as Lene Lai and Nylon Chen Announce Marriage

A big congrats is in store as yet another happy marriage news continues the Taiwan entertainment trend since middle of 2016 of getting famous actresses off the singles market. Model-actress Lene Lai announced this week at the lunar new year end party of her modeling agency EeLin that she was now a wife! She attended with her boyfriend actor Nylon Chen and the two happily surprised the press with news that the two tied the knot over the holidays. They only drama they worked on was the SETTV drama Four Gifts back in 2011 but they didn’t start dating until afterwards. Lene and Nylon may not be first billing names on dramas but as perpetual second leads they’ve carved out a nice niche of their own, and who says drama seconds leads are not main leads in their real lives and deserving of their own fairytale happy endings. Congrats to the very tall and very attractive couple, especially with Lene rocking the plunging and slit up the there vavava-voom dress for the occasion. Continue reading

The Pretty Cast of Delightful TW-drama Pleasantly Surprised Get Sexy Wet to Celebrate Ratings Win

Leave it TW-dramas to allow the drama leading lady an official reason to grope her abtastic leading man’s bare chest in broad daylight. The look on Puff Guo‘s face as she’s stripping off Liu Yi Hao‘s shirt? That’s the natural expression … Continue reading

Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Bell Awards in a Star-studded Ceremony

What is that you said? I can’t hear you over the ear splitting screaming still coming out of my mouth for the last 24 hours, give or take a few. I thought I had long since stopped caring whether deserving … Continue reading