Li Chen Comes to the Rescue of Fiancee Fan Bing Bing’s Epic Drama Win the World After Leading Man Legal Troubles

This isn’t a case of the #MeToo movement but is instead an alleged crime that was reportedly in real life, but the entertainment world consequences are right up the same alley. C-actor Gao Yun Xiang, who is married to C-actress Dong Xuan in real life and they have a one year old daughter, was accused of sexual assault in Sydney two months ago in March. The case is ongoing and he has denied the allegations, but the fallout is massive in C-ent as he is the male lead of the biggest budget C-drama in 2018 called Win the World (Legend of Ba Qing) produced and starring Fan Bing Bing. The drama was supposed to air this summer as the tent pole production but now the Chinese authorities have revoked it’s airing permit due to the legal mess of the male lead, i.e. he is a bad influence to be seen on TV. There were rumors that second male lead Dylan Kuo would be asked to reshoot as the male lead and make the two characters look the same in the drama, which if you ask me is just ridiculous. Now the real knight in shining armor has come to the rescue as Fan Bing Bing’s fiance and actor Li Chen has been spotted filming for Win the World and will reported be digitally edited into the entire drama, which has finished filmed last year so would cost too much to fully reshoot with the cast brought back. On man what a mess….. Continue reading

Glamorous Stars Out in Full at the 2016 Annual Bazaar China Star Charity Night Event

Chinese-speaking entertainments best and brightest stars were out in mega force this past Friday for the annual Bazaar Star Charity Night. There were so many pretty faces and fashionable attire it’s impossible to pick a post topper so I’ll go … Continue reading

Stars Descend on the 2015 TV Drama Awards Honoring the Best of Mainland Chinese Dramas

This weekend in Beijing was the 7th Annual TV Drama Awards, showcasing the splashiest and buzziest Mainland Chinese dramas of 2015. I would say best of the bunch but so many award categories seem to be based on popularity even … Continue reading

Chinese Running Man Returns for Season 3 with New Addition Luhan

It’s going to be a fun next few months as Chinese Running Man (Hurry Up Brother) comes back for season 3 of its massively popular run. I personally like watching the C-version more for the awe-inspiring locales around China used … Continue reading

Alien Fantasy C-movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe with Mark Chao and Yao Chen Drops Action Trailer

Looks like Chinese movies are getting in on the alien adventure yarns as upcoming big budget blockbuster Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (鬼吹灯之九层妖塔 Ghost Blowing Lamp The Nine Story Demon Tower) gets a September 30th premiere date just in time for the … Continue reading

Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, and Kris Headline New C-variety Challenger Alliance Premiering in Mid-September

I’m not sure I’ll like upcoming C-variety show Challenger Alliance quite as much as I love the Chinese version of Running Man (Hurry Up Brother), but it’s totally piquing my interest solely on the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast. The … Continue reading