First Teaser for Allen Ren and Li Qin’s Xianxia Meets Republican Era Romance Thousand Years for You Checks All My Likes

Holy, this sounds like a fanfic made solely for all my C-drama kinks because the stuff I don’t like much are minimized and the stuff I love are maximized. The first teaser video is out for upcoming xianxia meets Republican era romance C-drama Thousand Years For You (Chinese title 请君 Qing Jun or a greeting that means “Please, Your Lord”). It stars Allen Ren and Li Qin in which is a love-like combo for me and that’s already a win. The premise is like someone mashed up Allen Ren’s famous One and Only and Forever and Ever into one drama (instead of splitting it into two parts where the first part is so depressing one can be traumatized permanently), toss in xianxia fantasy elements in the historical side, and moved the modern times period earlier a hundred years into the Republican era of China). Even better is that this drama is NOT DUBBED, and Allen’s own voice has always been so mrawr soft and sexy and to hear it here is icing on the cake. He plays a war god (totally callback to his One and Only character Zhou Sheng Chen) and she’s a goddess and he dies or goes into eternal slumber only to wake up a thousand years later still with all his memories but now she’s been reincarnated and is leading a mountain bandit gang ahahaha and he still loves her but of course and she just thinks he’s hot and wants him for herself. Don’t we all, ladies.

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C-ent Reportedly Planning First Dual Female Lead Period Drama Starring Yang Zi and Li Qin as the Gender Swapped Counterpart to Two Male Lead Dramas Like Word of Honor and The Untamed

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Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right

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Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

New and dramatically sideways drama posters for upcoming big budget period C-drama Princess Agents has me mildly hopeful I can find a new C-drama worth watching. Can’t say I love either leads Zhao Li Ying or Lin Geng Xin but … Continue reading