Rainie Yang Makes First Together Public Appearance at Boyfriend Li Rong Hao’s Taipei Concert

What was once an odd coupling has shown to time to be much more serious and stable than fans and media gave them credit for. Dating for nearly 3 years cross-strait couple Rainie Yang and Li Rong Hao made their first public on the same stage appearance this weekend and fans went wild. Chinese singer Li Rong Hao was in Taiwan for his first concert on the island and of course his surprise guest was singer-actress girlfriend Rainie. They did a duet and then Li Rong Hao called her “my girlfriend” on stage, thereby confirming they are indeed dating though everyone already knew it. He hilariously and super awkwardly pulled Rainie in for a cheek kiss that made her look really unhappy with it but she later posted that even though her face got deformed by the kiss she was really happy and honored to have been her honey’s special guest at the concert. Awwwwww, these two are totally the next on the wedding watch list. Continue reading