Jia Nai Liang and Li Xiao Lu Release Joint Statement that They are Divorced Already

The long Chinese national nightmare is over. Ok, I exaggerate but goodness was this a bizarre and embarrassment saga for everyone involved. Married C-stars Li Xiao Lu and Jia Nai Liang released the same statement today via their respective agencies that they are already divorced. This caps a two year long tabloid fixture starting when she was caught cavorting with much young rapper PG ONE and putting a green hat on her doting husband. The public was befuddled that he didn’t just divorce her but turns out he did and the couple just didn’t announce it. But with the latest video release of Li Xiao Lu and PG ONE acting like lovers in a video taken this past spring, it’s clear the couple needed to explain themselves if not to tell the public not to be interested in them anymore because there is no cheating going on. Time to move on, folks. Continue reading

C-stars Li Xiao Lu and Jia Nai Liang Have Reportedly Divorced a Year After High Profile Lunar New Year Cheating Scandal with Rapper PG One

2019 already has the highest profile Chinese speaking entertainment scandal with singer Andy Hui on wife Sammi Cheng with starlet Jacqueline Wong. That ended with tears, snot, regret, and a forgiving second change. In 2018 last year started off with … Continue reading

C-stars Out in Glamorous Force at the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards

It’s the annual Chinese Drama Awards in Beijing and this year’s gala including plenty of popular and familiar faces of C-ent. 2016 was a decent year for C-dramas though nothing hooked me quite like Nirvana in Fire did in 2015 … Continue reading

Tang Yan Selected as 2016 Golden Eagle Goddess for China’s Top Television Awards Show

Mainland Chinese entertainment shows has evolved greatly from the tendency towards bombastic stage spectacles, but the love of shiny things remains a deeply rooted custom. This weekend is the Golden Eagle Awards, China’s television awards show equivalent of the Golden … Continue reading

Chinese and Korean Stars Descend on the 2015 Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing

There was plenty of glitter across both sides of the strait this past week – Taiwan held its highest television honors with the Golden Bell Awards while the popular Chinese and Korean stars alighted for the Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing. I … Continue reading

Famous Chinese Actresses Try on the Cinderella Ballgown for Size

There’s a viral photo shop series going around this past week featuring a handful of the currently most popular Chinese actresses spliced into the iconic Cinderella live-action movie poster featuring Lily James. It’s totally worth checking out even if the photo shop skills … Continue reading

Star-studded Wuxia C-drama Ancient Sword Fantasy with Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi Premieres in Early July

Sometimes I wonder if SARFT releases decrees and suggestions and the Chinese networks give a collective shrug and go back to their regularly scheduled programming. A little over a month ago SARFT issued a suggestive letter that it wished all … Continue reading