Rainie Yang and Blue Lan Return to TW-dramas with GTV Drama My Ex-Man

It’s been so long since I’ve reported on a truly exciting Taiwanese idol drama that I almost had to rub my eyes when I saw the news today to make sure it was true. Indeed it is as idol drama veterans Rainie Yang and Blue Lan are returning to television later this year for the GTV series My Ex-Man, with a punny Chinese title My Ex-boyfriend is Not a Man which can mean either he’s an expletive horrible kind of guy or he actually is not a human being. The latter is the case here as the previous title for the drama is My Ex-boyfriend is A Ghost so I’m expecting hilarity and poignancy to come. Rainie and Blue both expressed admiration for each other and excitement to work together for the first time despite both doing more than a dozen idol dramas in their nearly two decade long time in the industry. So excited about this, please be good and make it worth Rainie’s first full length Taiwan drama since Drunken to Love You in 2011. Continue reading