Cable Dramas Lawless Lawyer, Sketch, and New Arrival Life on Mars All Bring in Good Ratings and Reviews

The weekend drama time slot now has not just one but three excellent quality K-dramas to check out, and unsurprisingly all are on the cable networks. On the second half of airing is Lawless Lawyer on tvN with the incredible chemistry of Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji, then we have Rain and Lee Dong Gun going mano-a-mano over on jTBC with Sketch, and the latest arrive is this week’s premiering remake of Life on Mars with Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong airing on OCN. Saturday’s airing when all three had episodes brought in 5.625% for Lawless Lawyer, Sketch at 3.405%, and Life on Mars premiering with 2.081%. I’m thrilled for all the leads of these three dramas, it’s like cheering on a horse race where each horse is a fave and they are racing their own times.  Continue reading