Crystal Liu Graces the Cover and Pages of The Hollywood Reporter with Female Director Niki Caro

On principal alone I want this movie to succeed. The upcoming Disney live action version of its animated Mulan starring Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) is a story about a strong Chinese folk heroine starring a Chinese actress and directed by a female director Niki Caro. The two ladies grace the cover and pages of The Hollywood Reporter magazine while discussing the high profile movie and the big gamble by the studio in adapting Mulan to a live action film. There are rumors the movie may be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak as Mainland China has curtailed public place gatherings indoors so movie theaters are sitting empty these days and likely through March when the movie was scheduled to drop. I hope this movie is good and gets a fair shot, it’ll be frustrating to see a well made movie falter at the box office due to external factors. Continue reading