Tencent Releases First Poster of C-drama Lost You Forever with Yang Zi Under the Phoenix Flower Tree and I am Back in Rabid Love

Guhhhhh, this is not going to end well. Either the drama sucks, or it’s great but two out of three perfect male leads are longing forever and even the female lead is only 50% happy. I’m talking about Tong Hua‘s xianxia romance novel Lost You Forever, three volumes and basically my C-version of Pride & Prejudice where I think everything is perfect about it and will go to my grave still fondly remembering it. It’s prequel Once Promised got butchered in the C-drama adaptation but I am holding out hope LYF will be treated properly. Time spent on simple things, sincerity in the world building, and equal love given to all three male leads. I was hesitant to embrace the upcoming C-drama starring Yang Zi as my beloved Xiao Yao not because she doesn’t fit the role (she does!) but because she’s done so much xianxia dramas I feel like it’ll just bleed one into the other. Plus three rising male leads I’ve never even seen before so I don’t know what to expect.

But today Tencent released the first official drama poster and I AM BACK IN LOVE. HOMG Yang Zi absolutely IS Xiao Yao and the visage of her under the red Pheonix Flower Tree carrying the basket of red phoenix flower petals (we all know where that is headed) just hits all the feels. This also confirms that the male lead of the drama follows the male lead of the novel in Zhuan Xu, and I’ve told readers of my translations that Zhuan Xu is the male lead even if among the three male leads he gets the least shipping mostly because he gets the most shafting in terms of fate. From the poster above and the first concept poster (below) showing black clad Zhuan Xu and white robed Xiao Yao heading up the mountain it’s clear that the focus is on these two kissing cousins and that’s fine because male lead Zhang Wan Yi who plays Zhuan Xu visually captured my interest the most.

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C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Fantasy Romance Novel Lost You Forever Underway with Yang Zi and Three Fresh-faced Male Leads

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