Wallace Huo Remains Super Popular after Slew of Hit C-dramas in Recent Years

I’ll always differentiate between B-PC and A-PC when it comes to my opinion of Wallace Huo. B-PC stands for before-Perfect Couple when he was best known to me as his Chinese Paladin 3 nickname of white tofu, inoffensively decent but rather bland. Then A-PC happened and I doubt there is anyone out there who doesn’t adore him to pieces after Perfect Couple, and a year later following that up with the summer hit The Journey of Flower and fall drama Love Me if You Dare. And now – he’s got a super duper equally awesome soon-to-be-wife in real life with Ruby Lin, life just can’t get any better for him.

Wallace was just that amazing to watch in a drama as dumb as a doorpost, namely PC, and held his own in an equally silly fantasy fest in JoF. Great comedic timing, charismatic eye-sexing of Tang Yan in every other scene, switching on intense angst at the flip of a switch, and the best character styling in ages – all in all it was the equivalent of the right actor meeting the character perfect for him. His period drama The Imperial Doctress with Liu Shi Shi aired earlier this year and was the equivalent of mentally getting waterboarded, it was that bad. But Wallace remains handsome and above all the narrative crap fray, and for that I salute his resilience.

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