Charming Daily TW-drama Love, Now is a Huge Ratings Hit

I apologize for being so late in writing about a batch of new dramas that I’ve watched recently, the first of which is the new Taiwan daily drama Love, Now starring George Hu and Annie Chen. I swear that little lady is a rating good luck charm because LN premiered to solid numbers and quickly broke 2 in ratings which is stellar for a daily drama. Male leads George Hu and Harry Chang made a vow that they would piggy back the two female leads and their onscreen love interests Annie Chen and Vivi Lee up the staircase at the SETTV studio if the ratings broke 2 and now they are going to make good on their promise next week. I can’t wait to watch the hilarity ensue! While Inborn Pair had fantastic ratings when it aired last year, its follow up dramas Ti Amo Chocolate was a soggy mess and Gong Hay Fat Choy was a huge bust so it must be a relief for SETTV to win back the audiences with LN’s brand of cheery sweetness. Having watched 7-episodes of LN, my verdict is as straightforward and undeniable as the drama itself – it’s an easy-on-the-eyes-and-ears sweet love story that flows with a low-key breeziness well suited for a daily drama pace. In short, go watch it now, its uber-cute! I don’t think LN has the depth and breadth of IP to keep a strong story churning but for now its decently entertaining in a harmless affectionate way akin to watching a puppy frolic. Continue reading

The SETTV Drama Leads Wish Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

I love how dramas have taken to reminding me that mid-Autumn is coming up, that and the abundance of moon cakes everywhere. September 30th is Zhong Qiu (otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese speaking countries or Chuseok in Korea) … Continue reading

Popular Co-stars Annie Chen and Chris Wang Split up to Pair with George Hu and Tiffany Hsu for New Dramas

CTS network’s self-financed daily drama Inborn Pair was such a hit last year the network is continuing to produce its own fare. IP really skyrocketed Chris Wang and Annie Chen‘s acting career, and I think it was well deserved because … Continue reading