Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh Meet Fans of the Fantabulous TW-drama Love @ Seventeen

My favorite currently airing TW-drama is the mellow and underrated Love @ Seventeen, not one of the buzzy SETTV offerings but airing on TTV on Saturday nights without too much fanfare. I checked in for the pairing of leads Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh, two of my faves, and ended up staying for the amazing chemistry and wonderful throwback story. The drama just aired its 6th episode last week and I can’t recommend it enough, love it to pieces and thoroughly enjoy the conflict and change of pace from the usual idol drama fare. Nikki gets to play the aloof emotionally scarred one while Lego goes all out to remedy his 17 year old mistakes and step up in his adult incarnation. The cast attended a media event for fans this weekend, with the visuals a great presentation for how pretty this drama projects from the leads to the cinematography. Check it out for those looking for an intriguing TW-drama. Continue reading