Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo Confirmed for KBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovely Horribly

This drama setup actually sounds interesting in that K-drama fated and full of coincidences sort of way, and yet the casting just grinds it all to a near halt for me. The next KBS Mon-Tues drama premiering in early August will be Lovely Horribly, following Are You Human?. It’s described as a scary elements romance, with a top star played by Park Shi Hoo who has all the lucks in life meeting up with perennially unlucky screenwriter played by Song Ji Hyo, and strange things start happening due to their crossed fates from being born on the same time, same day, same year. Apparently whatever she writes happens in real life, and I’m thinking death may be involved. I still can’t stomach watching Park Shi Hoo and feel bummed I missed the highly rated My Golden Life, and Song Ji Hyo only works for me in limited circumstances and I’m not sure this pairing is that must-see project. Continue reading