SBS Drama Thirty But Seventeen Break 10% Ratings and KBS Newcomer Lovely Horribly Premieres Around 4%

The late summer 2018 Mon-Tues time slot has a new arrival but it’s an already airing drama that has shown legs this week. KBS premiered horror romance Lovely Horribly to ratings in the single digits of around 4% for the episodes 1-4 combined on both nights. I’m not ready to dive into SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen due to the continued solid reviews and increasing ratings as this week’s episodes had one break 10% finally. episode 16 hit 10.5% AGB nationwide. Risky Romance on MBC continues to average around 3% ratings while jTBC medical drama Life leads the cable pack with 4.591% for episode 8. At this point there appears to be a drama for every taste on this time slot so choose away, and despite the low ratings start the netizen reviews for Lovely Horribly have been positive so next week may see some ratings improvement. Continue reading