Ji Chang Wook Lines Up Next drama LUCA After the Bafflingly Bad Melting Me Softly

This past weekend was the finale of tvN drama Melting Me Softly and it ended as stupidly as it began. It was just a bad K-drama all around, not one particular element stood out as being the deal breaker much like the screenplay for Vagabond is 100% to blame. Male lead Ji Chang Wook picked it as his comeback drama after two years in the military but the misfire will likely end up being a footnote in his resume as he’s in talks for a 2020 K-drama already called LUCA. It stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor and deals with genetics and genealogy studies which is a first. Of course cryogenics was a first too for K-dramas and look where that went. I don’t know what compelled me to keep watching Melting other than sheer boredom on weekends I guess but it’s like half baked in everything it tried to do. Hopefully LUCA is better thought out coming from the PD of Voice and The Guest with the screenwriter of Chuno¬†and The Package. Continue reading