Luhan Lights Up Weibo with Announcement of Girlfriend C-actress Guan Xiao Tong

Leave it to Chinese idol-actor Luhan to do things in a jawdropping way, no matter where his career continues to go I’ll always remember his sudden emergence as a member of top Korean idol group EXO and just as sudden departure following after another Chinese member Kris (Wu Yi Fan). For the last three years Luhan has been doing very well in China, making movies, doing hit variety shows, and his first C-drama Fighter of the Destiny got high ratings. He filmed his second C-drama school yard sports romance Sweet Combat earlier this year and this weekend he shocked and awed the entire Chinese entertainment world by matter-of-factly announcing on Weibo that he’s dating Sweet Combat leading lady Guan Xiao Tong. The Weibo post say “I want to introduce everyone to my girlfriend Guan Xiao Tong.” Dang, to the point and devoid of the hearts and kisses syrup, I like. Congrats to the young couple and have fun dating! Continue reading

Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

The Chinese-speaking glitterati was out in full force this weekend at the 15th annual Bazaar China charity event held in Beijing, with many reasons to check out ranging from couple sighting to once again C-stars showing that they do high … Continue reading

Chinese Running Man Returns for Season 3 with New Addition Luhan

It’s going to be a fun next few months as Chinese Running Man (Hurry Up Brother) comes back for season 3 of its massively popular run. I personally like watching the C-version more for the awe-inspiring locales around China used … Continue reading

Chinese and Korean Stars Descend on the 2015 Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing

There was plenty of glitter across both sides of the strait this past week – Taiwan held its highest television honors with the Golden Bell Awards while the popular Chinese and Korean stars alighted for the Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing. I … Continue reading