C-ent Readies for Weibo Awards to Fete the Most Buzzworthy Star News in 2016

It feels like every country I sorta keep up with news on had a crazy news year in 2016 whether entertainment or beyond all the way into the morass of politics. I’m glad the year is over and 2017 will hopefully reset in a more positive way. To commemorate all the happenings in Chinese entertainment last year, the most accurate way is for social media behemoth Weibo to tell us what was trending and what got close to breaking the Chinese internet.

The 2016 Weibo Awards are coming this weekend in Beijing, even though it’s held in 2017 the awards will highlight the biggest stars on Weibo in 2016 along with the news stories that lit up the portal. Lots of big names are slated to attend with focus on popular actress Tang Yan and her actor boyfriend Luo Jin to make a couples joint appearance. The vote is also surging on the site for Weibo King and Queen of 2016, currently teen boy group TFBoys leads over second vote getter Luhan in the guys category while Fan Bing Bing looks to add another queen title over last year winner Zhao Li Ying. Continue reading

The Princess Weiyoung Costars Tan Yang and Luo Jin Confirm Relationship with Throwback Childhood Picture Together

Happy tidings and well wishes are pouring forth as Chinese entertainment was hit with the soft lob of a┬álove rocket. C-actress Tang Yan and C-actor Luo Jin have confirmed long running suspicion/fanship dream of a romantic relationship, making it Tang … Continue reading

Tang Yan Breaks From Candy Roles as Filming Starts on C-drama The Princess Weiyoung

I’m fairly curious about next year period C-drama The Princess Weiyoung (Jin Xiu Wei Yang), based on a non-typical Candy female lead C-novel called The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous. The drama finished casting last week with Tang Yan as the … Continue reading