Gao Yuan Yuan Celebrates Baby Girl’s First Month But C-netizens are Not Pleased with the Baby Name

Ugh, I hate it when small-minded jingoism ruins an otherwise happy moment with nary a thing to nitpick. C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan welcomed a baby girl at the end of May 2019 with her husband TW-actor Mark Chao and this weekend she updated her SNS to share a sweet update. It’s their baby girl’s man yue (full moon or 1 month birth anniversary) which is a big deal in Chinese culture. Gao Yuan Yuan revealed the name of their little girl in the post, the lovely name Rhea, and is getting lambasted by C-netizens for giving her baby an English name. Comments range from why doesn’t she have a Chinese name/use a Chinese name. Let’s all send only happy vibes to the parents of sweet Rhea, wishing the baby a happy first month with her family and growing up beautifully. Continue reading

Three Lives Three Worlds Drama Leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi Adorably Reunite at Fashion Show

Kyaaaaa, fans of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms rejoice, our beloved OTP is back together and being so adorable my teeth hurt. The leads of the hit C-drama adaptation sat next to each other at a fashion … Continue reading