China Orders Shut Down of All Drama Production During Wuhan Coronavirus Containment

Mainland China isn’t just quarantining entire cities and perhaps provinces, now it’s ordering the stopping of commerce as needed. C-ent is getting it’s first order this week as the central government ordered a complete and immediate stoppage of all drama filming. So the city of Hendian has ground to a total halt and major dramas being filmed there include high profile historical with Mark Chao and Deng Lun as well as a medical drama with Yang Mi. No idea how long the stoppage will last but for C-drama viewers this may mean a longer wait for your anticipated dramas to arrive, and perhaps even a gap for networks to re-broadcast older dramas when it doesn’t have new finished dramas to air. Continue reading

Three Lives Three Worlds Drama Leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi Adorably Reunite at Fashion Show

Kyaaaaa, fans of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms rejoice, our beloved OTP is back together and being so adorable my teeth hurt. The leads of the hit C-drama adaptation sat next to each other at a fashion … Continue reading