Song Joong Ki Files for Divorce From Song Hye Kyo and Her Side Releases Statement Saying It’s Due to Personality Differences

Oh. My God. I’m legit rendered speechless. I hate when tabloids are right but tabloids are so often right in dating gossip and also breakup gossip. For the past 6 months the Chinese rags have been saying that something is amiss in the high profile marriage of the Song-Song couple, namely Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo who met on the set of Descendants of the Sun and made their reel-to-real romance a reality. Song Hye Kyo was spotted multiple times not wearing her wedding ring, hence the rumors which are now a reality. Less than two years after wedding in a star-studded ceremony in Seoul, the couple is calling it quits and I still cannot process it.

They dated for two years before getting married so one assumed they got to know each other quite well and didn’t rush into marriage during the romance high period. But sadly this couple is no more as today Song Joong Ki officially filed for divorce with the Seoul Family Court, asking for remediation which is akin to a negotiated settlement. He released a statement announcing the end of the marriage and asking for space from fans to handle this privately, and will focus on his acting career for his fans. I’m so sad, even though I didn’t think these two were dating for realz after DotS despite what many drama shippers said, when they did get married I was so happy for them. Wishing them happiness still in the future and a very calm and non-contentious divorce proceeding. Continue reading