Hwang Jung Eum Files for Divorce After 4 Years of Marriage to Non-celeb Husband

I have some sad news to report, K-actress Hwang Jung Eum dropped a surprise out of nowhere yesterday by filing for divorce unilaterally with the Seoul court. She’s been married for 4 years and the couple has one child, but with how much she works and churns out dramas one after another I actually forgot she was married and had a child. No judgment, I’ve been a full time working mom my entire life but South Korean actresses do tend to slow down their output after having children even if most stay working. Just this spring/summer alone she had two back-to-back dramas with Mystic Pop-up Bar and then To All the Guys Who Loved Me. I’m sorry to hear of her marital dissolution and don’t want to speculate on any reasons. I hope the proceedings are amicable and the couple can co-parent maturely after its done.

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Song Joong Ki Files for Divorce From Song Hye Kyo and Her Side Releases Statement Saying It’s Due to Personality Differences

Oh. My God. I’m legit rendered speechless. I hate when tabloids are right but tabloids are so often right in dating gossip and also breakup gossip. For the past 6 months the Chinese rags have been saying that something is … Continue reading