Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun in Talks for Teacher-Student Romance Melodrama Melacholia

Oh boy, this drama sounds so problematic from the start and now more than ever. Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun are in talks to star in the upcoming K-drama Melancholia, dealing with a female teacher-male student romance that turns things upside down at a prestigious private school. K-ent loves teacher-student romances mostly of the noona-dongsaeng variety seemingly making seem as if the woman were older it would nullify the consent problems as if the younger man would be mentally and physically capable of rendering the choice. I haven’t love any such stories but concede that having the right actress/actor could see the story onscreen and remove the ick factor. Lee Do Hyun is a busy young man currently filming 1980’s period drama Youth of May so this casting isn’t confirmed yet but wanted to share it since I think these two would make a compelling drama pairing but personally wish it wasn’t for this drama.

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