Happily Married Star Couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Celebrate Baby Son’s First Birthday

A bit of happy news for a change of pace, TW-actress Michelle Chen posted an update on her SNS account celebrating the first birthday of her son with husband C-actor Chen Xiao. The couple married in the summer of 2016 and welcomed their son in December of that year, and their little boy nicknamed Little Star hit the big 1 this week. Michelle and Chen Xiao were part of the spate of celebrity marriages in the Chinese-speaking entertainment world last year and theirs was even more cute being a reel to real romance meeting on the set of Romance of the Condor Heroes, the 2014 adaptation¬† of the novel Return of the Condor Heroes. They played the OTP, of course, to much controversy with novel fans who found Michelle visually off base cast as the willowly ice queen female lead. But she got the last laugh and is basically retired from acting these days and who can blame her, family life seems warm and happy and her hubby’s acting career is red hot to boot. Happy to see their family so content. Continue reading

Ady An’s Wedding Party of the Year Moves Back to Taiwan for Star-studded Banquet

The festivities have moved from Hawaii back to Taiwan for the final stop in TW-actress Ady An‘s wedding extravaganza of the year. Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much … Continue reading

Newlywed Wed Expectant Stars Ruby Lin and Michelle Chen Spend Quality Time with Respective Hubbies Wallace Huo and Chen Xiao

Checking in on two recently married big star couples from Chinese entertainment yields the sweetest of comfort. This week Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were spotting on the streets of Taipei going out for a night stroll. The fan didn’t … Continue reading

Classic Romance and Taiwan Stars Glitter at the Taipei Wedding Reception for Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao

Just when I thought Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao‘s wedding week was going to rival Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivin’s, the couple capped it off perfectly with a romantic fairy tale style wedding reception in Taipei. Jay and Hannah’s wedding … Continue reading

Top Stars Attend Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s Beijing Wedding

The Beijing wedding of C-actor Chen Xiao to TW-actress Michelle Chen was indeed as star-studded as fans expected considering how well liked and sociable the newlyweds are in the Chinese-speaking entertainment industry. Closest friends like Joe Cheng and Wilbur Pan … Continue reading

A Warm and Glamorous Wedding Caps Off Festivities for Newlyweds Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao

A stunning traditional Chinese wedding followed by a picturesque outdoor Western ceremony caps off the marital processions for Chinese star newlyweds Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao. And she doesn’t even have to change her last name, lol! Congrats to the … Continue reading

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Unveil Head Over Heels in Love Bridal Pictures and Bridesmaid Party Including Chen Qiao En, Gillian Chung, and Hu Bing Qing

Beautifully staged wedding photos are only as good as the engaged couple projecting the love, and in this case it’s pretty darn spectacular. TW-actress Michelle Chen and C-actor Chen Xiao are tying the knot on July 19th in Beijing and … Continue reading