Summer Meng and Mickey Huang’s Wedding Pictorial Elevates the Golden Bridal Gown

This feels like a new wedding pictorial I don’t recall seeing before. TW-stars Summer Meng and Mickey Huang registered their marriage last month legally, really low key since it’s social distancing and all, not to mention it’s also a trend for TW-ent couples to register their marriage and either forgo a ceremony or hold it much later. Despite not having a ceremony the couple did do the wedding pictorial, I just to find it cheesy but now think it’s actually important to photographically snap a memento because who knows what happens in life. Summer’s glorious gold wedding dress is incredible, the long sleeve isn’t my fave but looks great on her since she’s so thin. It adds a luxe detail to what is otherwise a very simple white backdrop photo shoot, I quite like it especially the ones where Mickey is being her photographer/paparazzi.

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