Lee Jae Wook, Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun, and Idol Actor Minhyun Sign on for Hong Sisters Upcoming Fantasy Drama Return

The Hong Sisters are starting the casting process for their new fantasy romance drama and it’s a lot of newer faces and still rising stars. The male lead will be Lee Jae Wook, who is fantastic but hasn’t really hit yet after being elevated last year to male lead status. Joining in are two relative rookies, female lead Park Hye Eun made her debut in the Netflix drama The School Nurse Files and the other male lead is Minhyun of NUEST who I confess to having a soft spot over but he’s not exactly knocking my socks off with his acting debut (so far). The drama is tentatively titled Return (not to be confused with the cop drama a few years back) and deals with wizards and witches with powers over the weather and spirits. It will be directed by the PD of Because This is Our First Life and Why Secretary Kim and scheduled to air on tvN.

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