Mark Chao and Bai Jing Ting Start Filming C-remake of Critically Acclaimed K-drama Misaeng

This is one remake that I have confidence will do justice to the original, if only because of the leading man attached. Filming has started on the C-drama remake of Misaeng, itself a popular Korean novel which was adapted into an even more popular K-drama starring Im Shi Wan and Lee Sung Min as the male leads. The C-version male leads for the drama called Ordinary Glory is Mark Chao as the elder character role and young actor Bai Jing Ting in the newbie worker role. Mark is a very particular project picker and his one C-drama was the massive beloved fantasy period drama Three Lives Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. So basically imma just say “I’m with him” and trust that his discerning taste has selected another winner. Continue reading

2015 Korea Drama Awards Has Misaeng and Heard it Through the Grapevine Getting Most Nods

On the even of the Seoul Drama Awards, another Korean awards show has released its nominees list for 2015 dramas and the result is a decidedly mixed bag. While I agree with the nominations for Heard it Through the Grapevine … Continue reading

Ji Sung and a Handful of Worthy Cable Dramas Get Nods at the 2015 Seoul Drama Awards

There weren’t a lot of Korean dramas or entertainers that made it onto the just released short list of nominees for this year’s 10th annual Seoul International Drama Awards, which fetes television programs from around the world in addition to homegrown K-dramas. … Continue reading

TV Report Releases Industry PDs Vote on Best Dramas in Recent Years

I often get asked to recommend dramas but its so hard to gauge what others like or are in the mood for, whereas I watch what floats my boat sometimes in line with the consensus on quality and other times … Continue reading

You From Another Star and Misaeng Top CPI Rankings for Most Influential K-drama of 2014

Television boxtop ratings are still important but less so now that online streaming of television shows, not to mention the ease of DVR recording and other alternate forms of consumption. The changing landscape means the unlikelihood of K-dramas garnering 50% … Continue reading