Kim So Hyun Ultimately Turns Down the K-drama Remake of Miss Granny Scheduled for 2020

I totally forgot that K-drama land was prepping a drama remake of the hit movie Miss Granny which came out in 2015. Probably due to how long this is taking, nearly 4 years since the movie came out and 3 years since the remake was announced. Initial casting news was that Kim So Hyun had been tapped for the female lead played by Shim Eun Kyung in the movie. For an actress it’s such a great role, a young woman with a granny’s soul, experience, and cranky personality getting a chance to make everyone around her better off. Unfortunately K-ent is reporting that Kim So Hyun has turned down the drama remake scheduled for next year 2020. She’s got Love Alarm 2 the second season of the Netflix show coming up and I’m sure she will have more offers her way for 2020 but without Miss Granny it’ll be interesting what she picks as a big project next year. Continue reading