Amuse Releases Statement Confirming Miura Haruma Already Laid to Rest and a Public Memorial Will be Held at Later Time When Its Safe

Saying goodbye to Miura Haruma is still so surreal, especially with how quickly this terrible tragedy has finished its news cycle. Two days after Haruma’s passing on July 18th, he was laid to rest by his family in a private funeral on July 20th. His agency Amuse released a statement that a future public memorial for his fans will be held when it’s safe to congregate post COVID-19. Normally Japan is not a country that has a lot of discussion on mental health and suicide but Haruma’s passing has led to increased focus on these topics. It hasn’t all been positive, apparently the Japanese media coverage has delved into revealing the specific details of his passing, showing pictures of his home, etc., all things that are against WHO guidelines on reporting on suicide. I hope anyone reading on Haruma’s passing had emotional outlets to discuss the sadness and also know they can reach out to their own country/city suicide resources and hotlines.

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