J-netizens Think Miura Haruma was Depressed Due to Bullying by J-dorama Director and Getting Swapped Out Last Minute in New Role Replaced by Fukushi Sota

Take this with a grain of salt but the undeniable reality is that recently deceased J-actor Miura Haruma was clearly depressed when he took his own life. Why could be a variety of factors, J-ent early on said Haruma dealt with pressure from his mom always needing financial support from him and also being a very sensitive soul in a shark infested industry. This week his passing is back in the news as J-netizens are staging an attack on Haruma’s director of the dorama Bloody Monday and his most recent posthumous work Love Begins When the Money Ends. Word is that Haruma had a tough time working with him a decade ago on Bloody Monday as he was relative new and had a lot of NGs, and the director yelled at him frequently on the set and even mockingly said he looked like monkey.

The same director helmed Love Begins which Haruma just finished filming before he died, and netizens after watching the dorama last month noticed that a monkey theme was used multiple times, including his character wearing a monkey shirt and carrying a monkey backpack. Netizens believe this was the director’s way of bullying Haruma again. Lastly, netizens also discovered the Haruma was cast in the recently airing dorama Diver: Special Infiltration Team with his same agency friend Nomura Shohei but was swapped out in the last minute with the role going to Fukushi Sato. Netizens believe this because Haruma’s second single from his recently released album was titled “Night Diver” and was reportedly supposed to be the theme song from the dorama. Sigh, hearing all this, if it’s true, just makes me even sadder for this talented young man.

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