Attack on Titan Holds Movie World Premiere in LA and Releases 3-minute Gloriously Action-packed US Trailer

I so wanted to fist bump and roar my approval after watching the just released new US-version trailer for the soon-to-be-released live-action movie adaptation of hit shonen manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Too bad there was no one right next to me to squee with but hopefully this latest and most comprehensive look at the first movie coming out at the beginning of August (the second movie to be released a month later) will excite other fans. The US-trailer is 3 minutes long with so many new action-packed scenes, easily double the length of the Japanese trailer that came out last month.

The new US-trailer was released in tandem with the world premiere of the first movie held on July 15th at the famous Egyptian theater in Hollywood. In attendance was director Higuchi Shinji, male lead Miura Haruma, and female lead Mizuhara Kiko, with the premiere high with excitement and intensity and ending with a roaring standing ovation by the attending audience. Not sure if that’s a stamp of approval on the quality but definitely the movie must’ve been fun to watch and likely ended on a cliffhanger high note to make way for the second movie to come. Check out tons of new movie stills and the super long new trailer that shows all the Titans in their attacking scary glory. Continue reading

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