Moon Chae Won Confirmed as Leading Lady in K-drama Gyeryong Goddess Opposite Yoon Hyun Min

It’s funny how one potential leading lady morphed into another, but both give off very similar vibes. The female lead is confirmed for upcoming K-drama Gyeryong Goddess (or Gyeryong Fairy) with Moon Chae Won picking this as her next drama. Initially Kang Sora was in talks but she pulled out last month due to reported scheduling conflicts. The male lead remains Yoon Hyun Min and honestly it’s a level trade as both actresses are solid romance drama lead types with earthy vibrant auras. The drama is about a fairy who comes to earth and marries a human only for him to die, so she remains on earth for six hundred years until he is reincarnated in the present day. She looks like an old halmoni to the world masking her true features of an incomparable goddess. The drama is adapted from a webtoon and directing will be the PD of Women of Dignity and My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Continue reading

K-remake of Criminal Minds Passes Midway Airing and Drops to 2% range from Premiere Ratings High of 4%

Things are not dire but is certainly disappointing as tvN‘s high profile and big name casted K-drama remake of Criminal Minds hasn’t really resonated with the local audience. Episode 1 did a promising and high for cable 4.187% AGB nationwide … Continue reading

K-drama Criminal Minds Releases Poster and Holds Press Conference with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo

I’m so used to K-dramas rushing schedules that the press conference to premiere gap has shrunk almost to a day before even so it’s a nice relief to take it slow and see the cast of Criminal Minds meeting the … Continue reading