Moon Chae Won Signs with YNK Entertainment Joining Kim Hyun Joo and Shin Hye Sun After Leaving Longtime Agency Namoo Actors

The lady has landed! In a new agency at least, and of course I’m speaking about K-actress Moon Chae Won who has been quietly looking at a new agency for some time. She’s been with Namoo Actors for some time and the agency has done a decent job at managing her career, the drama choices have not been bad but for some reason she’s not been able to breakout a decade into her first breakout in The Princess’s Man. She’s had great dramas such as Nice Guy, ratings successful Good Doctor, and of course the critical darling Flower of Evil, but those dramas have given the male lead much more of a boost than to her. I absolutely adore her and it’ll forever be goodwill for her Seo Eun Gi in Nice Guy and would love to see another level of career advancement for her in this new agency YNK Entertainment which reps Kim Hyun Joo and Shin Hye Sun.

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The Hyun Soo-Hee Sung Showdown Finally Arrives in Episode 15 of Flower of Evil Along with New Ratings High of 5.083%

There is one more week and one more episode left of Flower of Evil and I am going to miss the bloom off this incredibly assembled drama. From writing, directing, to acting, the entire piece hums strongly and despite a … Continue reading

Episode 14 of Flower of Evil Hits New Ratings High of 4.767% as Hyun Soo and Ji Won Stay Aligned to Capture Accomplice Baddie Hee Sung

Wed-Thurs tvN drama Flower of Evil is in its final bloom, just two more episodes left after today’s episode 14. Truth be told the intensity has waned a bit for, lost the luster of the early Is-He-Isn’t-He mystery along with … Continue reading

Awkward Marriage Couple Powwow in Store for Episode 9 of Flower of Evil, tvN Will Preempt Episode 12 Next Week Due to Filming Interruption

The new stills are out for tomorrow’s episode 9 of Flower of Evil and it’s one of the most exciting sneak peeks because it bring all four leads into the same scene. Detective wifey Cha Ji Won manages to track … Continue reading