Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon Start Filming K-drama Mount Jiri in September 2020, Filming Expected to Last Through June 2021

I’m glad to see a K-drama take a location shoot seriously and expensively without needing to be in an exotic overseas locale. Upcoming highly anticipated human survival and nature drama Mount Jiri will be starting primary filming next month in September 2020. Starring Jeon Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hyun, and Oh Jung Se, the drama will be filmed on location at….well, Mount Jiri of course! The famed national park and mountain vistas will be the backdrop for the drama about a group of park rangers who find and rescue people stranded, lost, or trying to commit suicide there. It will be Jeon Ji Hyun’s first drama in 4 years since Legend of the Blue Sea, and also reunites Joo Ji Hoon with screenwriter Kim Eun Hee of zombie sageuk Kingdom, who also wrote Signal, 3 Days, Ghost, and Sign. Hopefully the drama will be good and ignite an appreciation for South Korea’s own beautiful backyard.

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