Suzy in Talks to Play Ha Jung Woo’s Wife in Volcano Action Movie Mount Paektu

Now this is what I legit call a truly bizarre casting choice other than for the buzz. Suzy has been offered the role of Ha Jung Woo‘s wife in upcoming Korean thriller movie Mount Paektu (Paektu Mountain). Forget their twenty plus age difference in real life, in the movie it would only narratively make sense that Ha Jung Woo is married to Suzy if she were his child bride. This isn’t a substantive role though as the movie involves three male leads Ha Jung Woo as a South Korean agent, Lee Byung Hun as a North Korean agent, and Ma Dong Seok as a scientist working together to prevent a catastrophic eruption of Mount Paektu which straddles the North Korea/China border. It’s a disaster flick combined with North/South Korean political intrigue and with three top actors onboard a guaranteed box office hit. Suzy may just smile winningly and join for the ride. Continue reading