Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for Police Chasing Psychopath K-drama Mouse

K-actor Lee Seung Gi must love the chase from his last drama Vagabond because he’s putting his action hat back on again for his next drama. He’s confirmed for the 2021 airing K-drama Mouse which discusses a world where DNA testing has isolated a psychopath gene and opens the question about whether a mother still wants to give birth to a child knowing he/she can be a psychopath. Lee Seung Gi plays an inexperienced newbie police officer who has a life changing encounter with an active psychopath terrorizing South Korea. Reportedly Choi Jin Hyuk is also in discussions for this drama and it’ll be a reunion for Gumiho daddy and his half Gumiho son from Gu Family Book. The drama is from the screenwriter of Black and God’s Gift: 14 Days and is scheduled for the first half of next year so plenty of time to find an awesome leading lady pretty please drama gods.

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