Mr. Sunshine Hits New Ratings High Over 16% As Drama Has Four More Episodes Remaining

It’s odd to see the comparative lack of buzz for tvN period patriotic drama Mr. Sunshine among the international audiences when this drama could be screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s highest praised drama to date among South Korean viewers and critics. The ratings are exceptionally high as well even stacked up against tvN’s other behemoths Goblin and Answer Me 1988. This past week’s episode 20 broke 16% for the first time to reach 16.5% with four more episodes remaining. Other than with the sliced by half ratings blip in episode 17 due to the finals of the Asian Games soccer match at the same time, Mr. Sunshine has maintained in the mid-teen ratings for the last few episodes and could match or surpass Goblin’s single episode high ratings in the final episode of 18.680% or Answer Me 1988 best ratings in the final episode of 18.8%. The audience feedback has been incredibly high praise for the depth and breadth of the story, eliciting plenty of tears for the patriots fighting for freedom and stirring the anger towards the Japanese imperial colonizers a century ago. Maybe this drama was meant for the homegrown audiences and if so Kim Eun Sook succeeds yet again at delivering the ratings and discussion her dramas always bring. Continue reading

tvN Period Drama Mr. Sunshine Garners Continued Directorial and Acting Praise as Ratings Break 12% in Episode 8

Four weeks into the airing of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s latest drama opus Mr. Sunshine and she can rest easy knowing that her reputation as a ratings gravy train continues. The drama premiered on tvN with 8.852% ratings which was … Continue reading

Final Batch of Drama Posters and Stills for Mr. Sunshine Airing on tvN this Saturday July 7th

Readying for the arrival of tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine, premiering this weekend now that Lawless Lawyer has cleaned up the lawlessness in Gisung city, feels apropos to post on the 4th of July. Will the fireworks of what is … Continue reading