Eric Responds Like a True Leader of Shinwa to Fans Upset at His Marriage Announcement

I can’t believe in this day and age in 2017 there is still the need for a male idol star to issue an apologetic statement after announcing an impending marriage. Eric of Shinhwa, who has long since his idol debut days transitioned into a legit actor and still managed to maintain his idol roots, recently announced his July 1st wedding to model actress Na Hye Mi. Apparently in the week or so since his announcement, there have been some fans who claim his wedding is irresponsible towards his idol group and have also announced an their intention to shut down Eric fan sites. First off, those fans are ALL wrong, there isn’t even a gray area here and I’m usually all about nuances. But the nice part of all this is that Eric took time out to issue a second statement addressing these grievances and it’s full on leader takes charge mode that makes me love him even more. Continue reading