The Attempted Coup in Episode 17 of River Where the Moon Rises Deflates Like a Souffle as Both Male Leads Hie Off to Angst Afterwards

Remember when what happened to KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises was like the biggest news in K-ent? Oh what a month does to keep one upping another in terms of wild news and crazy scandals. River has now settled back down to just being a mediocre sageuk that might have actually benefitted from losing a leading man, it gained a better suited one and also got more publicity because honestly it’s like an well read elementary school kid wrote the script. Mo Young and the assassins bust Go Dad and Son out of prison and they attempt to punish everyone and lead a coup. That goes down in failure as most of their plotting has all drama actually, other than when Go Dad managed to get the Queen and On Dad killed in episode 1 in one fell swoop. Since then he’s been operating in B-villain territory and Go Son went from melo general to raging power hungry irrational dude over the course of the drama without it being explained WHY other than he got rejected by the princess and got a boner for a slow talking big-eyed Shilla spy with zero personality. This episode even brought On Nanny into the palace solely for the purpose of her getting killed as payback for Go Dad getting killed, and by the end of the drama King Dad is dead as well though it happens off camera as four years pass and a cute teen boy turns into brooding smexy Kwon Hwa Woon in FOUR YEARS. Let that sink in, cuz that’s like light speed Tale of Genji growing up going on. There were lovely OTP scenes but it’s all telegraphed so clunkily, from Ondal suffering pangs of soldier killing remorse to dealing with his nanny mom’s death, our fated couple parts but since there is three more episodes to go I’m good with the temporarily break.

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