Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk to Star in Park Hye Ryun Penned Drama Sandbox Based on the South Korean Silicon Valley Dream

This might not be the best time to announce a new drama for Suzy, because even as her fan she is really really miscast and bad and just got a badly written character on top of it all in her currently airing drama Vagabond. But then I hear what’s she’s doing next and I feel a glimmer of hope because she’s going to do another Park Hye Ryun drama after working with her on While You Were Sleeping. The drama is called Sandbox and is based on the South Korean Silicon Valley ambitions, with Suzy’s female lead aiming to become the next Steve Jobs. In talks for the male lead is Nam Joo Hyuk, and the two almost worked together in 2018 for the MBC drama Come and Hug Me but both ultimately passed. Nam Joo Hyuk plays a child math genius turned start up dude that can’t seem to launch a venture. The drama is slated for May 2020. Continue reading

jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Wraps with High 9.731% Ratings and Resounding Viewer Praise

The bar has been set for the best K-drama of 2019 and it’s jTBC Mon-Tues offering The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling). Everyone else, to the left, to the left please. Starting with 3.185% ratings, the drama has gone up … Continue reading

jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Basking in Rave Reviews and Ratings Going From 3% to Over 8% in Episode 8

The television winners continue to come from cable networks after the first quarter into 2019, and with tvN sageuk The Crowned Clown wrapped up its ratings leading run on Mon-Tues it’s time for jTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes … Continue reading

First Look at Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Hye Ja, and Son Ho Jun Filming jTBC Drama Dazzling

The four leads of upcoming jTBC early 2019 K-drama Dazzling (Brilliant) gathered together as filming has started and I’m cautiously optimistic. The younger man-older woman pairing in currently airing tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is working so beautifully that I hope … Continue reading