Nam Joo Hyuk Gorgeously Hangs Out in the Desert in New W Korea February 2021 Pictorial

The Koala household has been trying to find the silver lining after nearly 1 year of various levels of Stay at Home restrictions. When the Koala Teens (and later Mr. Koala) watched Start-up with me I thought it was a one-off instance but now we’re on our second K-drama as a family (will play boy and share what that drama is later when we’re done) and it’s really been such a bonding experience. No wonder communal television watching is lamented as a treasured past time supplanted by activities that silo people. But since Start-up ended, beyond Koala Boy screaming “Jo Pyeong!” all the time (which has subsided), both Koala teens don’t recognize Korean actors so anytime they see me blogging and glance at a picture on my computer from the doorway from whence they have barged into my office they yell out “Is that Ji Pyeong? or Is that Do San?” So my world has been relegated to Ji Pyeong v. Do San even after Start-up is done ahahaha, but I endure because they are so cute both of them and I love that the Koala teens love them too. It really is Do San this time, namely Nam Joo Hyuk who has a new pictorial for W Korea coming out in February 2021 where he looks angsty and like he’s on a desert trek to find his meaning in life armed with a bottle of Dior Sauvage. I would be happier if the cologne didn’t smell like ass (sorry, I am VERY particular about my parfums for myself and colognes for the Mr) but Nam Joo Hyuk can do no wrong in my eyes so carry on my boy!

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