Nam Joo Hyuk Faces Second Accuser Claiming School Era Bullying and His Agency Denies This Allegation as Well

There is really three ways this can play out. Nam Joo Hyuk is now facing a second allegation of school era bullying, namely in high school. His agency swiftly denied the accusation three weeks ago from the first accuser and has again swiftly denied this one. The agency claimed it would take legal action for the false allegations the first time but not clear if it will do the same here. Ultimately to clear his name they agency probably has to take legal action, and if there is any veracity in the claims then it either can admit and apologize or simply deny deny deny until people forget and move on to the next scandal. Either way this absolutely will impact his reputation unless there is a definitely legal or factual evidence acceptable to the netizens that clears his name. For now his side claims these are false allegations and the second accuser brought only allegations without additional accompanying documentation other than high school yearbook pictures showing the accuser likely did go to school with Nam Joo Hyuk. The bullying allegations mirror the first one – ordering to run errands like buying lunch, using another’s cell phone to not get in trouble, and beat downs for not doing as ordered.

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Yoo Ji Tae Joins Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Joon Hyuk in Vigilante and K-netizens Marvel Over the Visuals of the Three Leading Men Deep K-drama Casting

At this point, imma joining the chorus of K-netizens asking “does a leading lady even needed?” for upcoming K-drama Vigilante. Starring Nam Joo Hyuk as the titular character adapted from a webtoon, he’s now joined not just by fellow leading … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day

Usually fashion events in K-ent have a handful of stars attending, if I see six or more then it’s a solid event but this weekend’s Christian Dior soiree in Seoul had easily a dozen probably more big name and popular … Continue reading

K-netizens Calm Down About the Adult-Minor Romance in Twenty Five, Twenty One as the Drama Lines Ramps Up the Who is the Baby Daddy Mystery for the Upcoming Finale

This past weekend saw major narrative good stuff with tvN Sat-Sun drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, which remains above 10% ratings and is headed towards a likely highly anticipated finale two episodes next weekend. This drama gets so much news … Continue reading

Twenty Five, Twenty One Continues with High Ratings Over 10% But K-netizens are Increasingly Critical of the Budding OTP Love Line Between a High School Student and a College Student

I feel like this is a controversy from another era, or that it really just doesn’t apply here when a viewer actually sees the specifics of the story. Nevertheless this weekend’s airing of Twenty Five, Twenty One is getting a … Continue reading

K-ent Critics and K-netizens Finally Validate Nam Joo Hyuk Calling His Character and Performance in Twenty Five, Twenty One a Career Making Turn

Sometimes timing is everything and I would rather that his time came now than wonder why it isn’t earlier. K-ent is calling Nam Joo Hyuk‘s turn in Twenty Five, Twenty One a career defining one, in that despite his year … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk Celebrates 28th Birthday on This Twos-day of 2-22-2022 on Career Upswing with Great Feedback from Recently Premiered tvN Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One

I don’t regularly cover star birthdays and usually its when there is something else to add. Today is being called Twos-day for being a Tuesday that happens to fall on the perfect date of 2-22-2022 which is both a palindrome … Continue reading

The Premiere Weekend Promising Ratings for Twenty Five, Twenty One and Forecasting Love and Weather Portends Well for Nam Joo Hyuk and Song Kang in Delivering a Win

It’s a sigh of relief after the weekend premieres of two new cable dramas, and probably the biggest winners from opening weekend’s good ratings and good reviews (critics and K-netizens) are the young male leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Song … Continue reading

New Sat-Sun K-dramas Off to Promising Starts as tvN Series Twenty Five, Twenty One Gets 6.370% and Forecasting Love and Weather Brings in 4.514% on jTBC

It’s important to preface that the two new Sat-Sun K-dramas are NOT directly competing with each other for eyeballs. For tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, it airs at 9:10 pm, and over at jTBC the drama Forecasting Love and … Continue reading