Critical Decisions are Made in Start-Up Episode 14 to Rebuild the Emotional Ties and Professional Camaraderie

I really really loved Start-Up episode 14, surprising since it was a very slow episode on things happening but used the time to really give characters space to think, talk, and decide. Next week is the finale and I’m glad that not-a-love-triangle is finally done with, all that’s left is to see how and when Do San and Dal Mi get back together from the break that realistically didn’t need to happen but dramatically made sense for Do San to grow up and for Dal Mi to confirm her feelings for him weren’t transference from the letter writing days. The other two Sans got great story arcs as well that paid off in this episode, while In Jae remains the star of her own show that we will likely never see (her thought processes and regrets) but at least she made the right decision to go back to being a Seo so she could return to Grandma without feeling like she is not a member of that family. Ji Pyeong has fully embraced his oppa/mentor role with those around him, and I see that hyung reality one day happening with Do San as well. His chance meeting with Grandma really was the catalyst for everything that’s happened and I hope he finds his own happiness as his choices have brought Do San and Dal Mi their own.

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Start-Up Ratings Remain Steady in Episode 2 as Story Smartly Lines Up All Four Leads with Compelling Connections

Some dramas star a fan’s favorite star and the lengths by which I hear devotees try to rationalize the bad writing, lackluster directing, and even bland acting doesn’t make it actually any good. tvN‘s latest Sat-Sun drama Start-Up is the … Continue reading